Meet the Team

James Kidwell, also known by many as “Kidwell”, is the CEO and founder/creator of Uniform Humor Inc. James and his best friend, Alex Thalmann, created Uniform Humor together on March 11, 2014. Alex was killed in the line of duty a couple weeks later on March 31, 2014. Despite losing his best friend, Kidwell continued the page in hopes of bringing humor to those in military, EMS, and law enforcement fields. Knowing these jobs bring a lot of dark and mentally exhausting times, he wanted to give these men and woman some kind of escape.

Kidwell was born in Roanoke, VA but was raised in Kansas City. Growing up he found a love for skateboarding, which he spent most of his time doing. He also began shooting guns at a young age with family members, which grew into a passion that he still enjoys. James comes from a family with many members serving in different branches of the military. This includes his oldest brother, who after serving went into law enforcement. James wanted to join as well but was unable to due to permeant injuries following an accident that happened when he was 18 after moving to North Carolina. He tried to join more than once and each time was medically disqualified. Even though he was unable to join he still supports and stands behind our military whole heartily. After living in NC for a few years, Kidwell began working at the Sheriff’s office as a tele-communicator while going through the BLET program. Kidwell did not complete the program because he felt like he wanted to go in a different direction, one that he felt he would have a bigger impact on people lives. He chose to go through the fire academy, so he could help and save people. In 2015 he graduated and became a firefighter. This is also where he met Jarrett Sosebee, and together they have worked hard to grow Uniform Humor to what it is today. Kidwell continued on and also joined the Search and Rescue team along with obtaining his EMT certification. Kidwell currently has 8 human rescues and 2 K9 rescues. He also has 6 ROSC (Return of Spontaneous Circulation) under his belt. He enjoys learning and training about fire and rescue, and has earned the “Chiefs Award” for putting in excessive amounts of training hours. Along with this he has also trained with the Green Berets and enjoys improving and learning new tactical training. James also works for a company called Grill Your Ass Off. He is the Customer support manager and the social media specialist for this company. March 30, 2020, James got married to Danielle Kidwell and together they have two boys. James has a 10 year old son from a previous marriage, and Danielle has a 4 year old son from a previous marriage. They both have full custody of both boys so James is a full time, loving father of 2 now. He is very family oriented and spends a lot of his spare time with the boys and his wife. He continues to be a hard worker and provider for them. When he’s not posting on Uniform Humor he can be found with the boys playing or cooking on the grill.   

Jarrett Sosebee is the COO of Uniform Humor and a Firefighter/EMT.  Jarrett is an avid member of the local Search and Rescue Team.  He has trained with the Green Berets and currently has 5 human & 2 K9 rescues on his record.  Originally from eastern North Carolina, Jarrett comes from a family of Military Veterans and supporters dating back to service in WWII.  Jarrett spends a lot of his time studying as he is finishing up his BSN,RN degree. He has yet to decide what the next adventure will be but is leaning toward the path of becoming a flight nurse. Jarrett has 5 return of spontaneous circulations (ROSC) under his belt. When not studying or doing business work you are likely to find Jarrett just hanging out "living the Dream" with his wife Caitlin and their dog, Mabel.